About GPSTracker

Started in January, 2016, brainchild of John D. Jarvis @JMG and Brent Fraser @Geoanalytic MyGPSTracker evolved from their common interests of asset tracking and mapping technologies. Millions of developers and individual site owners have deployed both the Leaflet and GPSTracker applications independently. Now the ability to possess a pre-combined, server/database flexible, easy to install, realtime solution is a reality. We have taken the unbelievable versatility of the Leaflet mapping solution and combined with the stable tracking capability of GPSTracker. The MyGPSTracker solution offers several server side operating systems, database combinations and several phone client options to serve your variable deployment needs. Take your tracking development creativity to a whole new level with the Leaflet mapping canvas, as developers we have put every consideration in ease of installation, versatility and speed of a successful deployment.

This project allows you to track cell phones periodically. For instance every minute or every five minutes. You can watch the cell phone being tracked in “Real-Time” using Leaflet Maps (and other map providers such as OpenStreetMaps) and Leaflet Realtime. You can also store and reload routes easily. The map display page is built using HTML5, CSS and JS which makes the page responsive and also uses CSS3 which gives you unlimited control to theme with your own site look and feel. There are 4 phone clients, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Java ME. Choose from the following server side solutions; ASP.NET with SQL Server, PHP with your choice of: (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite) or the new Wordpress plugin with a dedicated Android client.

There are plenty of opportunities to participate in a number of different development and community roles. We have introduced our web presence at http://www.mygpstracker.xyz that includes a download section, community and support area. Github will be the ongoing development home for our Server Side Applications and Phone Clients.

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