Before you download

This project allows you to track cell phones periodically. For instance every minute or every five minutes. You can watch the cell phone being tracked in “Real-Time” using Leaflet Maps (and other map providers such as OpenStreetMaps) and Leaflet Realtime. You can also store and reload routes easily. The map display page is built using HTML5, CSS and JS which makes the page responsive and also uses CSS3 which gives you unlimited control to theme with your own site look and feel. There are 4 phone clients, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Java ME. Choose from the following server side solutions; ASP.NET with SQL Server, PHP with your choice of: (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite) or the new Wordpress plugin with a dedicated Android client.

If you are a web site implementor interested in integrating MyGpsTracker into your web site, you'll need to:

  • Configure a web server such as Apache and set up PHP scripting (or IIS and dotNet)
  • Install and configure one of the databases compatible with MyGpsTracker (MySql, SQLite, PostgreSQL, SqlServer)
  • Edit Javascript/PHP files (using one of MyGpsTracker's examples) to get locations from the database and display them on a map.
You will need to be comfortable editing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL scripts, as well as using your browser's Developer Tools to find and solve coding problems.

Phone Client Download User Rating Notes
Android .APK
Download Now v1.2
For Android devices, .APK updated 10/15/2016, file size: 3.3MB , Open source available in our Github repository.
WP Android
Download Now v1.2
For Android devices connecting to Wordpress ONLY, updated 10/15/2016, file size: 3.6MB , Open source available in our Github repository.

Test drive the new MyGPSTracker Web Server system, test your GPS Tracker phone client download, or just see your location.

  • First - Feel free to use our WebTracker Client to connect to our map HERE
  • Second - Our GPS Tracker web map is located at HERE
  • OR - Download one of our GPS Tracker Phone Clients and connect by inputing your name and connecting to: with your phone client